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biography of jerry d. trammell

jerry started singing at a very young age. he was born the son of a baptist minister and grew up singing in church with his brothers, jim, mike, and mark.

jerry�s professional career started in 1970 when he began singing bass for the wonder state quartet. a very dear friend paul boden, also used to sing with this group and is now the editor-in-chief of one of the best southern gospel newspapers. known to the industry today as �the us gospel news,� the office is based out of jonesboro, arkansas.

jerry, who is considered to have one of the most powerful tenor voices in gospel music has had the pleasure of singing with the florida boys quartet, the blue ridge quartet, the blackwood brothers, and j.d. sumner & the stamps quartet. also during this time, he had the privilege of organizing and owning the arkansas boys and the heritage quartet. jerry is known for his presence on �the gospel singing jubilee�, a syndicated television show broadcast during the 70�s and the 80�s. it has been his honor to sing with such �hall of fame� members as les beasley, glen allred, derrell stewart, james blackwood, j.d. sumner and tommy fairchild.

in 1997, jerry fell prey to alcoholism and was far removed from the gospel music ministry. as a result of several dwi/ dui offenses, jerry was sentenced to craighead county jail for a period of 45 days and to a 1 year term in the osceola community punishment center of the arkansas department of corrections. while at craighead county, jerry was given the chance to lead the jailhouse bully to the lord. it was then jerry realized gods� calling on his life. thus began jerry trammell ministries. this was just the beginning of god displaying his mercy, his grace and guidance for jerry�s life. during his total incarceration time period of 8 months, from august of 2000 until march of 2001, the lord allowed jerry to lead 72 young men to a saving knowledge of the lord jesus christ.

on june 6th, 2000, jerry was gloriously saved while in his eighth rehabilitation center located in schugtown, arkansas. it has been only through the grace of god that he is here today to minister to you. jerry was clinically pronounced dead in the back of an ambulance twice and both times the lord touched him and brought him back to life. god truly is the giver of life.

on october 15th, 2002, jerry surrendered to a unique ministry of music and testimony. god has saved him from some experiences that has given him a message of warning and encouragement that is greatly needed. god has added to that blessing a strong testimony, a gift of communication and a passion to reach lost souls. jerry trammell ministries has been privileged to carry the gospel to friends both here at home in the united states and abroad. jerry and his wife have had the opportunity to see many people come to know jesus christ as their personal savior, their #1 goal in the ministry, whether in the states or abroad in the mission fields.

on october 24th, 2003, the lord answered a prayer by allowing jerrys� wife, terri to join him full time in the ministry. what a blessing it is for the two of them to be able to travel together as they continue to seek gods� will in their lives and in the ministry.

on november 14th, 2005, jerry and terri moved their home and jerry trammell ministries to garner, north carolina, which is south of raleigh, the capital city. they look forward to being near family members and loved ones. their move to north carolina is yet another dream come true and an answer to prayer for their family. please be in prayer for them as they establish a new church base in that area and that god will lead them to many places to sing, testify and witness for his name sake.

i truly am just a sinner saved by grace.

statements of recommendation

jerry jolly senior pastor temple baptist church, jonesboro, arkansas

jerry trammell has surrendered to the unique ministry of 'music and testimony'. god has saved him from some experiences that has given him a message of warning and encouragement that is greatly needed. he has ministered in our church and with me in many revival meetings. i can say without reservation, that he is a blessing wherever he goes.

david ring evangelist david ring ministries

we have learned in the bible about paul and silas singing in their midnight hour. they knew it would set them free. jerry trammell also knows the peace god gives when we sing through a storm. after working with jerry in crusades and knowing how god has worked in his life, i can wholly recommend his ministry to any church. your people will be greatly blessed when they hear him sing and give his testimony of the grace of god in his life.

dr. phil hoskins senior pastor higher ground baptist church kingsport, tennessee

i have known jerry trammell for many years and have been blessed by his music. recently as i preached at his home church in jonesboro, arkansas, i saw a new and fresh anointing on his life and ministry. without reservation, i recommend him to your church.

jerry kirksey editor in chief singing news magazine

during the thirty years i have known jerry trammell, i have grown to love and respect him as a man and christian brother. god blessed jerry with an awesome talent to sing many years ago. god has added to that blessing a strong testimony, a gift of communication and passion to reach lost souls. jerry trammell is a man being used by god.

paul r. boden editor in chief u.s. gospel news

a stirring testimony, uplifting songs of praise and a willing witness of god's amazing grace. you receive all of this and more when brother jerry trammell ministers at your service or event.

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